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a joyful life

Emmy and Lilacs

Meet Emmy 

Storyteller, Writer, Teacher

For as long as I can remember I've been thinking in prose, words are my superpower and they come to me with ease and a frequency I can't quite keep up to.


Our words shape our reality, I want to guide you to experience the joy of life simply by choosing the language you use to tell your story. 

The macro is where we often live, zoomed out, looking at the bigger picture. The micro is when we take time to focus on the small intricate deals.


I write to encourage you to see both and bring harmony between the two.

From My Blog

I want to share the stories of my life, to connect with others through my own lived experience. This is more than just a lifestyle blog; you'll find stories from motherhood, of claiming myself as a woman author and life coach, and my never-ending pursuit of living life on purpose. And you'll find fiction because I want to tell new stories, create new worlds, new lives, new endings. I write because I can’t not.

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Rewrite Your Story

A good storyteller knows that she has the power to rewrite the story at any time. As a teacher my work is to remind you of that power and help guide the process.



"Emmy is a beautiful force when helping you to unlock your creativity and unfold the process of deep alignment and connection to your true path forward."

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Caroline Watters

Intuitive Life + Business Coach


"Emmy has an extraordinary way of validating one’s feelings, while gently challenging them to move beyond their comfort zone."

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Amy Kervin  

Coach + Educator / Love Uncluttered

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"Emmy has inspired me to live a life with purpose, intention and bravery."

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Michelle Peterson RDH

Mobile Dental Hygiene Services

Kids in the jungle

to stay connected; hear the stories of my path to a wildly heart-centred, soul-led life.


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