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Numerology Blueprint

Numerology Blueprint


Accessing your personal blueprint gives you new insight, there's more to the story of who you are. 

Numerology is the study of numbers and how they impact our lives. We interact with numbers daily and often overlook their synchronicities, their energetic influence and the symbolism they represent. There is order to the world of numbers and we can develop an understanding of ourselves when we better understand the numbers themselves. Your date of birth creates a divine code, let’s dive in to see what it tells us about you! You'll refer to this as you would your horoscope.


  • full numerology blueprint including life path number, seasons, energy grid, personal day & personal year number

  • 45 minute call to tap into intuitive guidance and forecast what this year holds for you!

Please include your date of birth in the notes section of the purchase form. If this is a gift, put down the recipients date of birth. You'll be contacted within 3 business days of purchase to schedule your call.

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