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Caroline Testimonial

Every coach needs a great coach! Emmy is a fierce entrepreneur and a beautiful force when helping you to unlock your creativity and unfold the process of deep alignment and connection to your true path forward. 


Caroline Watters

Intuitive Life & Business Coach


 I began working with Emmy because I recognized that I had some ‘impostor’ fears that were holding me back from pursuing what I was most passionate about – advocating for children and the people who love them. There was so much I wanted to do but, as Emmy put it, fear was holding me back from sharing what I had to offer. Before working with Emmy, I always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t move forward and it was always the same: I needed more education. Once I finish my master’s degree or when I earn a PhD, only then would I be qualified to share my experience and expertise. Emmy helped me to see that then would never come; I would ALWAYS believe I needed more education, more experience, more qualifications. She helped me see that pursuing further education shouldn’t prevent me from sharing what I had to offer NOW...and she helped me recognize the value I already had to offer. I recently reread each of the follow up emails she had sent me after our sessions together. To my surprise, I had not only reached each of the goals we had set, I had exceeded them. Emmy has an extraordinary way of validating one’s feelings, while gently challenging them to move beyond their comfort zone. She helped me remain accountable to my goals, and she assisted me in reframing my fear so that I could move beyond my own time. Emmy is intuitively gifted in coaching others, naturally possessing those qualities that make someone a truly exceptional coach. Emmy is a person who brings out the best in all of those who are fortunate enough to cross her path. 


Amy Kervin

Simplicity Parenting Coach & Educator / Love Uncluttered

Amy Testimonial
Michelle Testimonial

 I chose Emmy to help me when I hit a road block in my career and developing my small business. She helped me move beyond my limiting thoughts and beliefs that have held me back from building my business. She really listened and guided me through all of the thought provoking questions to help me create a plan to turn my creative ideas (and some of hers) and my dreams into a reality. Emmy has inspired me to live a life with purpose, intention and bravery and that has created positive change in all aspects of my life. Emmy is creative, compassionate and dynamic and she has a gorgeous way of sharing all that she is and all that she knows to lift you up and support you. 

Michelle Peterson 

Registered Dental Hygienist /  Mobile Dental Hygiene Services

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